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Welcome to Celeritas Racing! We are an F1 in Schools team from Wheeler High School in Marietta, Georgia. We are a group of six juniors who share a common goal of representing Georgia and the United States in the World Finals in 2019 while learning the multitude of skills that the F1 in Schools Competition has to offer. With the guidance of the previous team from our school and current National Champions, AeroFlow Racing, as well as the support of our sponsors, we hope to follow in their footsteps and succeed in the competition. We are one team with one motive that will stop at nothing to achieve our ambitions. We are Celeritas Racing!

Meet the Team

Shashaank Aiyer

Executive Manager and Graphic Designer

As Executive Manager, Shashaank is in charge of keeping the team organized and on task as well as pushing the rest of the members to work hard. He is also uses his knowledge of programming as well as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop to design all aspects of the team's branding ranging from the sponsorship prospectus to the portfolios.

Chase Waddington

Manufacturing Engineer

Chase is in charge of using CNC to manufacture the car that has been designed by Jared. He works efficiently and carefully to create a high quality physical car. Additionally, he has thorough knowledge of the car design, which he then uses to test the car after it is manufactured.

Jared Ryley

Head Design Engineer

Jared uses Autodesk Fusion 360 to design a car with his CAD skills. His extensive knowledge of physics, engineering, and aerodynamics allows him to design a car that is as fast as possible. He works with Chase to analyze each car using CFD to make necessary adjustments to each design.

Mateen Jangda

Co-Marketing Director

Mateen is in charge of managing the team's budget as well as working with Sai to obtain sponsors. He uses his strong communication and organizational skills to keep the team efficient and well-funded.

Sai Rajendrakumar

Co-Marketing Director

Sai is in charge of raising funds and forming relationships with sponsors. He uses his knowledge of marketing and advertising as well as his connections to achieve the financial goals necessary for the team to compete at a high level.

Davis Nilson

Outreach Director and Web Designer

Davis is in charge of setting up and organizing outreach events to help raise money and awareness for the team. He is also in charge of coding the team's website as well as aspects of the pit display.

The Competition

​F1 in Schools is a global multi-disciplinary challenge for teams of students aged 9 to 19. Through the competition, students use CAD/CAM software to design, test, manufacture, and ultimately race miniature model F1 cars. The cars are made from balsa wood and 3D printed plastic and are powered by compressed carbon dioxide. In addition to engineering the car, teams need to raise money and manage their budgets in order to fund research, travel, and manufacturing of all competition elements.


Attached below is our sponsorship prospectus. If you are interested in sponsoring our team, please take a look. Inside, you will find out more about: the competition, our team, and how your company can benefit from a sponsorship!

Sponsorship Prospectus

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375 Holt Rd NE Marietta, GA 30068